The LowWiseZah Comedy and Horror Film Festival encourages original, raw and truly unique, creative films. We want to see your style, no one else’s but yours. Being a film-maker and submitting to many of these (money extorting) festivals made me realize that the Comedy/Dramedy Genre is shunned in the indie film festival world but so prominent and relevant in modern Hollywood TV and Film, but now I understand why, there aren’t too many comedic film-makers submitting to the indie-film world; but to the ones that are out there, we’re here for you, and we will help give light upon comedy. We shall look to the depths of darkness by adding a new genre to our festival lineup – Horror!

Yes, we’ve added a Horror Genre because, well, why not?

We will continue bringing to light, real, relatable, truthful and edgy, along with the witty, tasteful, offensiveness of shock comedy, and now the scare-your-pants-off anxiety inducing thrill of Horror!

We want it all but more importantly, we want and will continue to be a platform to entertain.