News & Praise

Michael Loayza was recently featured on Create TV after winning a cooking competition – his company is now in the process of producing a mindful cooking show!

‘Truth Island’, a philosophical podcast, recently interviewed Michael Loayza about being a self-taught artist and entrepreneur.

More write ups for Michael Loayza’s newest film from Indie Activity! Check out the Q & A and then the Case Study for a more in behind the scenes, both creatively and business wise.

Also, it seems LowWiseZah Studios has been doing well in the Horror genre due to the beautifully articulated review of Michael Loayza’s newest feature film from Morbidly Beautiful and with that being said he’s released his first fiction novel (and 9th book) which of course is of course a bone-chilling horror… Click here to purchase!

“I have worked with many who write and direct their own work but I find few who have the commitment and passion for the filmmaking process as does Michael.  His enthusiasm is infectious. It reminds me of a line from the movie Tucker, “Don’t get too close to people. You’ll catch their dreams…””

Dean Lewis: Actor/Producer

“Michael Loayza has the amazing ability to take a project with a very low budget and make it magical. The freedom that he gave me to explore and work as an actor absolutely came through in the end result. Each day I came to set, he already had each shot and scene planned. But that didn’t stop him from letting anyone on set work freely and experiment. Working with a man who truly makes a story come to life was refreshing and a partner every creative dreams of working with. Any creative who can take an idea and write, produce, and direct it themselves is a great asset to the film industry. I see Michael Loayza going far and will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with him.”

Alexis Abrams: Actress/Producer